punnoying asked: (sorry I'm on mobile so I can't reply to the fanmail) that's fine with me but I won't be able to post anything until my tablet comes in, it should be here within 2-3 weeks. :^D

Ok, I’ll be checking up on you guys every now and then I was hoping we could like an admin meeting every weekend or something

Not any time soon
Kinda bedridden now


Just wondering how many active followers are on here. Give this thing a note to let me know you’re alive

Pffffft as if we only have 54 active followers


PSA: Andy is a big dumb poo poo head. Big, big dumb poo poo head. You said yourself you wouldn’t be able to answer many questions on this blog like you used to, so technically we ARE the only two (sustained) artists on this blog! Of course you’re one of them, but you’ve become somewhat more like our respected and super-cool overseer and “boss” of this blog while we’re your little workers! Quit whinin’ you lil’ shit. <3



Anonymous asked: gaterbelt? Your blog title is misspelled, tell Andy he's an idiot


(Actually that would probably be mine or Ellie’s fault since we were the ones who are in charge of re-designing the blog. ur a hairy butthole, anon, but thanks for pointing that out!)

What? Dafuq?